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Last month the inspirational team at WelleCo offered me the chance to embark on a thirty day challenge with their Super Elixir Alkalising Greens, a green powder that helps to lower your body’s acidity. The product is the brainchild of supermodel & all round fitspiration Elle Macpherson (aka The Body) so obviously with such a glowing endorsement, I absolutely jumped at the chance to give it a go. And the results were pleasantly surprising….


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Now my good friends at PHILADELPHIA Australia (as I’m sure you’ve seen popping up on my instagram lately) have challenged me to come up with my favourite healthy bagel toppings & share them you, with my lovely readers, just in time for the holiday season. Thankfully, PHILADELPHIA Original Cream Cheese has 60% less fat than butter & is made from fresh produce making it the perfect ingredient for a bagel shmear.

As you know, as a physiotherapist, I am very much into my nutrition & fitness, so on my last visit to NYC I was thrilled to discover a new, healthier bagel trend - the flagel. Essentially a flagel is a bagel that’s had all of the inner bread scooped out, leaving you with the same great taste but for in a much lighter package!

Health blogger Lisa Hamilton from See Want Shop creating healthy bagel toppings with Philadelphia cream cheeseHealth blogger Lisa Hamilton from See Want Shop giving a recipe for healthy bagel toppings with Philadelphia cream cheeseseewantshop-bagel-toppings-ingredients-healthy-recipe-cream-cheese Health blogger Lisa Hamilton from See Want Shop creating savoury and sweet healthy bagel toppings with Philadelphia cream cheeseHealth blogger Lisa Hamilton from See Want Shop creating savoury and sweet healthy bagel toppings with Philadelphia cream cheese

Now it's time to get creative in the kitchen with those healthy bagel toppings! Once you’ve grabbed your stock of fresh bagels, simply scoop out all of those bready insides leaving you with a crusty, hollow circle. Toast these until golden brown, take your Philadelphia Cream Cheese & top your flagels with the following...

1. Strawberry shmear + shaved coconut. Blend 5-8 large strawberries & a tablespoon of desiccated coconut with your desired amount of cream cheese in a food processor. Lather this on your bagel & top with slice strawberries & shaved coconut.

2. Blueberry shmear + dark chocolate. Blend a handful of blueberries in a food processor with your cream cheese. Top the bagel with this paste then add fresh blueberries & dark chocolate shavings.

 3. Philadelphia Cream Cheese + banana + walnut + cinnamon. Lather your bagel with shmear, add sliced banana then sprinkle with crushed walnuts & cinnamon

 4. Philadelphia Cream Cheese + salmon + cucumber + dill. Finely chop up some dill & mix this in with your cream cheese. Top with cold sliced cucumber, folded salmon & any leftover dill to garnish

 5. Philadelphia Cream Cheese + tomato + red onion + basil leaves. Yep, this one is as easy as it looks. Layer your ingredients & you are done!

6. Philadelphia Cream Cheese + avocado + pumpkin seeds. Lather your flagel in cream cheese, top with sliced avocado & sprinkle with pumpkin seeds.

 So there you have it, six totally delicious flagel toppings that are just as good for you as they are to eat!

Bon appetite! xx


Eating a healthy cooked dinner on a tropical fitness retreatHealth blogger Lisa Hamilton from See Want Shop wearing Nike flyknit sneakers on a fitness retreatBlogger Lisa Hamilton from See Want Shop swimming at a tropical health retreat Throwing water in Bali at the beach Health blogger Lisa Hamilton from See Want Shop with friends wearing Triangl bikinis Blogger Lisa Hamilton from See Want Shop on a fitness retreat in Bali performing a yoga dancer's poseHealth blogger Lisa Hamilton from See Want Shop wearing nike flyknit runners on a fitness retreat Learning to make healthy protein balls on a Bali health retreat Travel blogger Lisa Hamilton from See Want Shop surfing in Bali on a fitness retreatHealth blogger Lisa Hamilton from See Want Shop on a Bali health retreatHealth blogger Lisa Hamilton wearing a Private Party swimsuit on an inflatable swan in Bali

Escaping the city for a tropical fitness retreat has been something that's been sitting on my bucket list for quite some time. I play sport, love to exercise regularly & would like to think of myself as pretty fit. Or so I thought! I don't think anything could have prepared me for just how challenging a week at Result Based Training's Luxe Retreat would actually be. Firstly, prior to this trip I don't think I had ever picked up a weight heavier than Floyd the french bulldog (aka my snapchat hero), so doing a daily strength session certainly awoke some long dormant muscle fibres. To be honest, it was the most physically demanding week of my life, but I absolutely couldn't have loved it more (cue endorphin rush)! It has completely changed my exercise regime for the better whilst my knowledge of food, macronutrients, meal preparation & eating habits has seriously improved. For me, that's what sets an RBT Luxe Retreat apart from the rest - they arm you with the tools you need at home to continue your own health & fitness journey after you leave. Seminars, cooking classes, recipes, meditation skills, health coaching... you get a taste for it all. And if that doesn't convince you to go, then of course there's the downtime by the pool with the giant inflatables, the surfing lessons, or being surrounded by a great group of like-minded, motivated people all striving to achieve their best along side you. So what are you waiting for? Start your fitness journey with RBT here. You can thank me later... x

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seewantshop-avenue32-athleisure-activewear-sportsluxe-blogger-adidas-stella-mccartneyseewantshop-avenue-32-athleisure-activewear-crop-top-gym-stell-mccartney-adidas-baseball-cap-bloggerHealth blogger Lisa Hamilton from See Want Shop styling activewear outside the gymseewantshop-avenue-32-adidas-stella-mccartney-harris-wharf-activewear-athleisureseewantshop-avenue-32-adidas-stella-mccartney-trainers-boost-runners-activewear-sports-luxe-outfit-bloggerseewantshop-avenue-32-stella-mccartney-athleisure-activewear-harris-wharf-blogger-outfitseewantshop-athleisure-sports-luxe-activewear-adidas-stella-mccartney-avenue32-blogger

Shot By Katie Fergus

Gone are the days of hiding your activewear under oversized sweaters that have been circulating your wardrobe since high school. These days your gym-gear is just as important as your office-wear, so why not treat it as such? Recently, with a little help from luxury e-boutique Avenue 32, I've taken the plunge & invested in some quality athleisure pieces that transition perfectly from working out to hanging out. I absolutely love the high neck shape of this classic Adidas by Stella McCartney crop, a versatile style that - with the addition of a well-cut oversized coat - functions just as well on the street as it does in the gym. And never underestimate the power of a great looking pair of trainers (the blush detailing on these babies is heavenly)! So really, there's no need to hit the change rooms after that pilates class after all... x

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a stack of nutritious wholemeal protein pancakes a recipe for healthy dairy free pancakes eating healthy pancakes topped with coconut and strawberries

Long, relaxing weekends away at the beach house call for fresh, wholemeal banana pancakes for breakfast-in-bed. Even better when they're completely made up of only the good stuff so you don't have to feel guilty at all. Delish! x

Ingredients: 2 mashed bananas, 1.25 cups wholemeal self-raising flour, 1.5 cups almond milk, 2 beaten eggs, 1 scoop protein powder, 1 tbls maca powder, 1 tsp chia seed powder

Method: Combine all ingredients together, mix well, then allow to stand for 10 minutes before cooking on a non-stick frying pan with coconut oil. Cook for 1-2 minutes each side depending on their size. To serve, top with crushed raw chocolate, slivered almonds, coconut chips & fruit.

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